Freelancer Needed - Confectionary 3Ds for our Client

We have an upcoming project. Read the OUTLINE, however, provide your pricing in the same order as the ESTIMATE SPECS. Please send your ESTIMATE SPECS to this email address: [email protected]


  • Need 3D models generated for our confectionary client.
  • Producing confectionary models ie: wrapped chocolate bars, cellophane bags similar to a Twizzlers bag that has a clear window, candy box/carton, and several other formats.
  • Will supply dielines and original artwork to work from.
  • Need (26) lead skus/models and (24) secondary skus/models based off the leads.
  • Each sku will then need (1) screenshot for (2) different online retailers, as each retailer has their own specified digital requirements.
  • Naming conventions will be established for the file names to follow client server needs.
  • Will work in Phases to ensure client approvals and make refinements as needed before final delivery, not the full batch right away.
  • You will provide an estimated time per lead model vs secondary so we can provide a realistic workback schedule for the client and set expectations.
  • Deadline TBD


  1. (26) lead models skus/models produced from flat Dieline+artwork
  2. Estimate refinements per model: (26) lead models X (2) refinements/model
  3. (24) secondary skus/models based off the leads
  4. Estimate refinements per model: (24) secondary models X (2) refinements/model
  5. (1) Retail screenshot from each model for Retailer A (26+24 = 50 models)
  6. (1) Retail screenshot from each model for Retailer B (26+24 = 50 models)
  7. We are not the end-user, price accordingly as a subcontractor
  8. Accepted payment methods. Will be paying you in CDN$.
  9. Estimate time per (1) lead model for initial build (NOT with refinement time)
  10. Estimate time per (1) secondary model for initial build (NOT with refinement time)
  11. Your name
  12. Portfolio, especially confectionary or any CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods). If no CPG experience, that is OK just let us know if you are confident you can build these.
  13. Your location, we are EST
  14. Years of experience with this software
  15. Rate your experience level 1-10, 10 is EXPERT, be honest. This is to ensure we understand your ability and adjust our work methods around your level.

You can look up our studio at:

What is a sku?

SKU is just another way to say product. Its a retail acronym that stands for “stock-keeping unit”.

“In the world of retail-related acronyms, ‘SKU’ is likely one that you’ve heard a million times but you might not know the meaning. ‘SKU stands’ for ‘stock keeping unit’ and — as the name suggests — it is a number (usually eight alphanumeric digits) that retailers assign to products to keep track of stock internally”, as quoted in