Freelancers needed for scan cleanups


Thanks for all the enquiries. I have enough respondents to now consider this thread closed. I will try and respond to everyone personally, just be a little patient please.


I’m looking for several generalist freelancers to help me clean up photo/laser scans.

This is an ongoing process and could lead to regular freelance work.

I will mention that I personally use Blender, ZBrush, and Substance Painter for my current workflow, but that’s not a requirement if you’re able to do it all in Blender. Delivery is what is important. Experience in Reality Capture is also a plus.

This job involves 2 stages to scan cleanups. One cleanup for 3D printing, then further processing to a low poly PBR model for online viewers.

For the printing:

A general cleanup of the model is done. Smoothing out bad scan data, refining some edges etc. This would mean sculpting in either Blender or ZBrush. Either is fine by me, it’s the result that matters.

After that, a cleanup of the colour map is also needed should the scans miss any parts. Sharpening, painting in some hard to scan parts etc. Again, this can be done in Blender, Photoshop, Painter, or any other software.

For the Low Poly Model:

Once that is complete, a low poly version is required. For now, a ZRemesh or Quad Remesh is fine. If you’re fast at hand retopo, then go for that.

Texture and normal projection from the print model to this model, and processing of textures is then required. I personally use Substance Painter for the PBR workflow, but, again, you can use whatever suits your workflow best.

Delivery is a high poly, printable OBJ with a texture, and a low poly version with a full PBR texture set.

Right now there are no tight deadlines, but a few days per item is standard.

Items are usually clothing, mostly shoes and football jerseys, but we do get some other random items from the customer from time to time.

The pay is negotiable. You can bill hourly or per item, whichever you prefer.

Please send your portfolio to [email protected]