Freelancing Opportunity (Animator)

I don’t understand any need for an “IK vs FK” argument, it makes no sense why anyone would even try to argue one method over the other. Try making an arm move in an arc using IK controls, and try to keep a character’s hand attached to something solid while the rest of the body moves using only FK. Either method would require adding keys to just about every frame. IK and FK are complimentary, not either or.

Now further, when you consider that there is a tremendous percentage of animation posing that has no special requirement for IK or FK that leaves the field fairly wide open for preference
Much respect Richard, I know you are experienced in film, but this is wrong. It’s a matter of needing either arcs or lines, and the animation dictates that.

Well I respect your opinion as well. And you have all the right to have it. But don’t kill the messenger. These arguments as I said have been around as long as IK has been around. You do factually see two camps of people. I don’t have an opinion on the matter other than to report that there are these two camps. It is a fact you can not deny if you have paid any attention at all to animation threads/blogs and the like over the years.

You are correct and I am aware of this.

And again to be clear. I said when animators make this argument they are talking about the situations when you don’t necessarily need lines. In other words any time your hand or foot does not need to be fixed it is open for debate as to the best way to approach it.

Some people do prefer to animate arcs with IK.

If you don’t believe me go and research it for yourself. It won’t take much searching to dig up threads where this argument is brought up over and over again.

And I’ll close with a quote from one of those links I provided which sums it up nicely.

I used to know an animator who animated all his gestures using IK. I never understood how he did it. The point is that people will use what they feel comfortable with. There is no one way, but you can save yourself a lot of headaches if you use the right tool for the right project. I’d love to know how people work and what has worked for them.

Very well spoken Richard, thank you for stating what I have been trying to say.

anywho, I shall bid for this “gig”
25 an hour, not open to negotiation, mainly because this would take from the VERY LITTLE private time of my life. I have 2 jobs, and one is web design, the other a food service worker, so having extra time is a luxury

that 25 an hour would pay for the hours I would have to take off from 1 of my jobs

%#[email protected] it, I’m going to go read a book.