[Freelancing][Paid] Kling studios looking for artists and designers

Hello everyone,

As I am new to this forum, let me introduce myself.
I am john brac, a enthusiastic, passionate and very good programmer.

I spearhead a group called kling studios.

We make games, mostly 2D, for mobile platforms (although we plan to advance to 3D if we have the required people too!).
We haven’t published many games…as most of the ones we made are just for testing purposes…so I am sorry we have nothing to show off!

Currently, we are making this 2D arcade topview game.

We currently have 2-3 members…but unfortunately, none of them are artists.
We are looking for any 2D artist, 3D artist willing to join us.

Any money we make will be split among us.


Contact me by mail at : [email protected]
Or Skype-message me at : kling.johnbrac
Or send me a message in thus forum (although I don’t check this forum frequently) .


Any money we make will be split among us.

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused!!