Freesound add-on

Hi all, if anyone is interested, I’ve just released a freesound add-on
It’s not yet complete (missing filters and a few other things) but you can give a try.



Thanks a lot Salvatore! I will try it on my linux Mint Rosa then…
Congrats. I wait the following with excitement.

Solution to this?

The folder must be named freesound, not freesound-master. Anyway on windows it will not work because the preview is retrieved on a hardcoded unix-like path. I will fix that later

I will also fix that problem with the folder name, please if you can report bugs on github :wink:

Thank you guys

That’s both fixed. Now should work on windows as well. Please let me know if any further issues,


That’s pretty awesome. Wish I had something like this for After Effects or Ardour. Very clever idea.

Thanks. I had this idea last year, but I stopped myself because of the lack of time. Basically I find it handy on my system because when I open Blender it takes the audio resource busy and I cannot listen from anything else if I don’t close it. So I had to close Blender, search for sounds, download and after it open in Blender. Now this is fixed. I believe Ardour doesn’t have a python UI as with Blender, otherwise I would give a try.

Okay works perfectly. Thank you.
I would like to see the address for the Key was put together with the addon in preferences.

That’s nice thanks. It’s a good idea to put a link in the addon preferences, I will add that on next commit.

Hey man, i’ve been using your addon, well done!!!
I have a few ideas on how to improve it a bit further if you’re open for that.

Also on top of this, maybe the “connect” button should convert to DISCONNECT when connected, or maybe the addon is always disconnected and should connect every time you ask it to do something, like search, or play, or download (i don’t know which is better for the guys at freesound)

Also i wouldn’t give so much text space to the nickname of the author, at this point because you’ll only need that info IF you use his sound, so maybe that should appear on the name of the file when downloaded.

Also i pointed out, should the start and end just be “duration” or “length”?

Well that’s just a few ideas, and also the next button should definitelly have a back button aswel.

in any case, really cool man!

Thanks, it’s my first attempt with Blender and Python and I’m glad to get new interesting ideas of course.

Actually I thought about this while developing as it was one of the first thing I coded. I didn’t make it because I didn’t know how to do it but I will give a try
again, I might be successful :slight_smile:
About the connection…there isn’t a real connection but it’s mostly a kind of API verification. So probably the best thing is removing the connect button and
leave only the field to insert the key. I’ve used connect to make it easier for me to develop.

Agree with that. There’s also some other useful info to add, like the stars giving as feedback to the sound. Right now it sorts from the best starred and so on.
That’s to be improved.

The two fields are used to search sounds between a certain range of seconds. For example if you want to search only between 2 and 5 seconds you put 2 in start and 5 in end. -1 means any value.

Indeed :slight_smile:


hope you did see the drawing there is a couple of more things there that should help =)
in any case, it’s already much nicer than going searching through the clunky website downloading and then importing !

Yeah thanks for the layout is surely inspiring:)
There’s something I still don’t have idea how to do but other things can be changed. Probably can also be inserted a page range element.

I’ve just released the version 1.0, it’s similar to Looch suggestion (thanks for that!) but with some design change as though python is not possible to reproduce the wanted behavior of the play,add(,info) buttons/operators. There’s still room for improvement but especially it would be nice to hear from you if there’s some misbehavior. The code is stored on github and it will be available on my website as well with more stuff about Blender VSE and possible general improvements to make it easygoing also for video editing (transitions, ecc). It would be great to have some opinion of yours about what you think other specific softwares like OpenShot, Pitivi, Avidemux or Cinelerra have.


Hi all again, the freesound plugin is also downloadable from here:

I’m getting it now! It looks soooo much better!

but i had problems unninstalling the 0.1 and the new one seems to not be working for me, i’m on a build from yesterday and i get the Freesound Panel in the video editor but it’s empty.

this error i get when i try to remove them.

Hi, I’m not able to see the attachments you post. Could you post it on somewhere where I can see it?