FreeSpace dog fight

(hotsnoj) #1

My first render like this.

Shivan Contact.

(Dittohead) #2

sweet pic!!!

the lasers arent to great looking tho. but nice particle sysstems and models!!

(hotsnoj) #3

You know in the FS1 open how the two left engines are on fire and smoking. Thats exacy what I did here. But this time its the two right engines.

Anyway I made two more renders.
And this one. Same as the other render just from a different angle.

(Eldron) #4

for the love of god! hit the osa button!

(hotsnoj) #5


(BgDM) #6

These look very nice. The lasers are a little off, but that can be fixed easily by turning down the Halo size to make them thinner.

heh. What he means is, in the render screen, (F10), there is a button that says OSA. Click on that and then below it, select “16”. THis turns up the samples and smooths out those jagged edges. Also, you can try rendering the image about 2 times larger and then scaling down in Photoshop or GIMP to make them go away as well.

Great work. The smoke partile system is very nice.


(hotsnoj) #7

I’ll think about it. you see I have a crappy computer. 266MHz with 64MB RAM and 4MB grafix card, and was made in '98. It took forever to render this pic.

(hotsnoj) #8

I did the OSA thing. No difference at all. This one has the OSA set at 5 and motion blur on. even though the only thing moving is the Apollo.

(stephen2002) #9

humm, lots of improvements needed. It looks worse than the in-game graphics to some extent.

(TurboG) #10

Nice work for parts of it. But I did notice a differnce with OSA on and OSA off. Maybe try beveling the edge (can be done with subdivisions and Subsurfs, along with other ways probably listed somewhere)? For a final render turn OSA up all the way and set it to 16. for test renders keeping it off Is fine. Some stuff in there just doesn’t look right…not sure… Is it sparking cause it’s firing or been hit?

(Eldron) #11

There is actually a big difference, and I love it now :slight_smile:

(hotsnoj) #12


(hotsnoj) #13

This is final, I quit with it. If you want the .blend file or 1024x768 background email me ([email protected]).

(CGI FAN) #14

I always thought whether s.o. ever has converted FS to Blender and therefore admire what you have done!
I wonder how you have extracted the models!
Please let me know it.

By the way:I have a XP1800+ with 256MB Ram.
If you like, I can help you to convert the bigger stuff,
like the Lucifer or the Orion class(GTD Galatea).

(hotsnoj) #15

The problem isn’t converting it’s rendering things. BTW the only thing I did to this render in PSP was scale it down. The laser was done with a halo in the texture thingy that you add to a matrial. See below for questions.

The way I do it (convert FS models) is by converting the POF model to trueSpace’s COB format with POF Constructor Set (also know as POF Constructor Suit). If the model isn’t a FS2 POF model (there is a difference between FS1 and FS2 POF files) I change it to a FS2 file with ModelView. After I make it into a COB I extract the fighterxxa (replace XX with e.g. 01 - the letter tells you what the LOD is.) model and save that. Then I open that change the textures from BMP to TGA for easier Blender importation. After I make these changes I save the scene as fighterxx.wrl I then import it to Blender and change the textures to PNG for smaller file sizes. I also add faces that were lost in the importation to Blender. If you have any questions just email me at [email protected].

Note: You need trueSpace to do this.

(CGI FAN) #16

You need trueSpace to do this.

Or a converter!

(hotsnoj) #17

I know there are such things as converters. But do they save the UV coordinate too?