Freestyle Animated Linestyles

Although it is not possible to distinguish a linestyle animated setting from another animated setting of the same linestyle in dopesheet or graph editor, yet ; the ability to animate most of linestyle settings is there.

That looks really cool!

can you give me a tip on how can actually animate linestyles?
I am tryin to do an animation with outlines and i want to animate the thickness and the noise value of my lines to create a “mooving” effect ib my lines. Is there any way to do this?
I hit “I” at the value factors but nothing happens.
thank you in advance!

That is an old example made with 2.67b.

Now, you should be able to see animated linestyle keyframes in dopesheet and graph editor.

Hitting “I” with mouse pointer hovering linestyle setting in properties editor should work.
Setting value should appear colored in yellow after that.
Right click menu -> Insert Keyframe should work, too.

At moment, you set two keyframes at two different frames for two different values of same setting.
You have an animation for that setting.

Whatever thickness or geometry setting (basis or modifier) you choose to animate, it should work.