freestyle blender sculpt

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to share this work (100% blender) and see what you think of it. This is only my 10th or so sculpt (blender or other). I just started, didn’t have anything particular in mind, so it’s not meant to be a real person (as in hyper realistic) because obviously, it is somewhat caricaturistic. I started from a box and extruded some holes and bumps, very blocky & basic and started sculpting from there. Some creases (esp. forehead) are still a bit “hard” though. It’s been kind of freestyle working, but that’s what i also like to do as a graphic designer. I like the freedom of not always having a fixed goal when i start on something. Obviously, that isn’t always an option, but i do like working like that. You end up surprising yourself from time to time.

Anyway, here it is. Tell me what you think.


Nice but use the smooth tool on the forehead a little.

Thanks. And yeah, like i mentioned, the forehead needs some work.