Freestyle for clipping objects

I have a cube clipping through a plane.
But when i render it with freestyle the lines just get cutoff where the clipping starts.

I would like it to kinda silhouette the visible part of the cube so it would look like this

any help?

Freestyle is no longer supported or maintained, it should be replaced in all cases with grease pencil line art. Grease pencil will give you what you’re looking for

the reason im using freestyle is because of the “Freestyle to SVG Export” plugin. Does the same
thing exist but for GP?


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Damn im blind. Thanks!

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Technically, Freestyle is maintained.
It is still part of last official release and LTS release.
But it is no longer developed.

Freestyle never supported such kind of intersections.
That and other limitations were motivations to develop another system.

Freestyle may still have its uses. But it is true that for most cases, Line Art is able to handle them.
And in few releases, probably, Freestyle will disappear.