Freestyle Infographics #nice2know

Hi everybody,

I started recently to use freestyle and was surprised how much of a difference it can make to your renders once you get the hang of it. Especially de-noised Cycles renders profit from getting some sharpness back in my opinion but you be the judge. I wrote some settings down so I don’t forget them but myself being, well, kind of an infographics enthusiast my notes gradually turned into something that might be useful to others as well. Enjoy.

1) Basics
The most basic freestyle settings and location of the more relevant menus.

2) Colors
Create freestyle lines with multiple colors in a single render.

3) Transparency
A way to fake a transparency effect making use of Blender’s collection system.

4) Stroke Styles
An attempt to emulate technical drawing in Blender using freestyle, transparency and procedural materials.

Granted, there’s probably better ways to achieve some of the above and not everything will be super-useful but I hope you’ll find something worthwhile. Any ideas of improvement, you just tell me … :sunglasses:

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Btw, the Jagdpanther and Tiger model (lowpoly + rigged) can be found for free here:


Nice! Thanks for putting this together.

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Glad you like it! Freestyle is such a cool tool but I didn’t use it very often so I always forgot everything, haha never again … I just hope there’ll be no big changes in the final 2.8

Somehow I had missed this thread. Well done. Great image references, worthy of study. Thanks again.
I successfully downloaded your files, upsized to 200dpi at 10.5"X6.5" and printed for reference.
!! Change of plans here. I printed them on standard paper (Yuck!) so I rez’d them up to 11.135"X18" on luster glossy paper and used a bit of Unsharp Mask on them before saving and printing. Giant size, I know, but good references for sure, as I get tired of on screen viewing of references like this, while actually working on a project. Thanks again.

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Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated and, well, I’d love to see a photo of my poster-sized infographics on someones wall, haha. That said, I can upload the original GIMP xcf-files if that allows for a better resizing/printing quality.

Super handy info Stan. Great work on explaining the freestyle settings.

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