Freestyle Issue when rendering multiple frames

So I have the issue that on the first frame of the animation, the Freestyle Lines line up properly with the rendered image. On the second frame however, where the camera has a different focal length, it seems that Freestyle is using the focal length of the first frame, because the lines do not match the image anymore.
If I render frame by frame, everything works fine. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if messed up something in my blend file. Thanks a lot for your help.

When I have the second frame in the viewport and start rendering the animation this happens:

I’ve never tried Freestyle in any animation experiments, it’s just too slow for big projects. Have you tried using workbench engine with ridge and valley AO combined with outline color? Unfortunately ridge and valley are locked to black and white (rather than being the same for quick “lines”), and you’ll have to mess around with color management curves and make a triangle shape to take the white back to black and leave the solid middle white. Then in post overlay the workbench result with the rendered image.
Btw, your chair (I’m using the same one in some of my projects :D) and table appears to be floating above the floor.
Made a screenshot - it’s not perfect, but at least it’s fast:

Thanks Carl. I’ll definetly give that a try. Had a huge building recently and freesstyle stalled at some point in the process. And you’re right, the chairs and tables are floating :wink: Fixing that now.
Perhaps I report the Freestyle thing as a bug and see what the developers think about it.

I am having the exact same issue with a camera movement not being picked up by Freestyle. In fact I made an account here just to post this… hi!

In my case, the camera is parented to an empty that is rotating, and the camera itself is also animated (focal length changing)

This seems to be a regression in Blender 2.81. It works fine in 2.80, and is still broken in 2.82. It seems related to this issue.

It seems that Blender 2.80, when it starts rendering a frame of animation, first moves the timeline slider to that frame automatically. That causes the camera in Freestyle to be correct. Blender 2.81-2.82, on the other hand, leave the timeline slider wherever it was, so the camera settings from that frame are used instead of the settings for the currently rendered frame.

I can share my (pretty simple) .blend file with whoever is interested in investigating the cause of this issue.