Freestyle line chaining problem

I am experimenting with freestyle modifiers and have run into an issue with the Along Stroke modifier and line chaining. In the attached picture, the Along Stroke modifier is tapering between 0 and 3 for the stroke size (using a curve), and the Line Set is Border, Contour, and Silhouette.

As you can see, especially around the nose, the lines are very broken up. Freestyle must be creating several different lines in this area and applying the Along Stroke to taper each separately. However, this should not be occurring because Line Chaining is enabled (if disabled, the effect is even more pronounced). Those should all be combined into the same line and then tapered.

In this current state, the Along Stroke modifier is effectively useless, so I need a fix for this. I’m guessing that this isn’t specifically a problem with the Along Stroke modifier, but that the taper is merely revealing that Chaining is failing in this area. This may have something to do with it being an organic shape and how Freestyle detects edges, but I’m not technically savvy or knowledgeable enough of freestyle’s workings to know.

Has anyone else experienced this, know why it happens, or have a fix?

The error occurs regardless of if Same Object is selected or not. It occurs in Border, Contour, and Silhouette styles, each separately or all together. It does NOT occur in Crease.