Freestyle Line Edge Questions

I am using Windows 64 bit Blender 2.79 experimental (e). I am encountering visibility/concealment
problems. Freestyle Line Edges on surfaces that are behind separate surfaces are still getting included, when they shouldn’t be. Entire Edges are getting included, when parts of such an edge should be included and excluded. I can’t repair my included model by shifting folds so that they are 0.00001 apart from one another, and not on top of one another. Even with surfaces on top of one another with the same material name, to stop z-fighting, there should be some consistency detection to default to an upper/outer or lower/inner surface for the FreeStyle Line Edges. Is more work going on to Improve Freestyle Line detection for image rendering and animation rendering?

FreeStyle-Edge-Error-Full-Model.blend (966.4 KB)

If my memory serves me right, you are struggling with this for years now - and your underlying issue has not changed since then: You have coplanar surfaces in your animation, which makes it impossible for FreeStyle to decide which edges to render and which not to render.

So, whenever you are talking about surfaces being “behind” or “on top” of each other it is in fact highly misleading, as there is no such spatial relationship between the surfaces in your model. They coexist (in a physically impossible way) within exactly the same space. As long as you don’t solve that issue by changing your style of animation, I’m afraid there will not be any solution to this…?

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Yes, but if I go ahead and change my model by offsetting surfaces slightly, I believe that
I will still have some of the same problems. Surfaces that don’t coincide with themselves will,
by means of what rendering shows me already, still not have Freestyle Line Edge drawing
stopped or partially excluded. My plan would be to offset each surface by adding 0.00001
each time. But I would still (seem) to have Freestyle Line Edge surfaces behind other ones
included, and not excluded. What developments have been made in that area, or are in progress
or may yet be made? Not in terms of my coinciding surfaces, but i terms of my non-coinciding ones?

I highly doubt that an offset of 0.00001 is sufficient. I guess this will be eaten away by precision limitations and the quirks of floating point arithmetic anyway.

With 1 Blender Unit = 1 m, you’re talking a hundredth of a millimetre offset here. Blender is not built for this kind of precision. Please rethink your workflow or your tool: Waiting for Blender to become what you expect is IMHO a fool’s errand.

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