Freestyle line renders

For a while now I have been using the Blender Freestyle SVG export in my Sneaker Con Illustrations. I am not the best at drawing perspective so it really helps to start off with a 3D scene. The ability to render vectors is a really useful feature and building on it with 2D makes for some great possibilities. If anyone is interested in this stuff then I usually post-up my WIP on Instagram: @psychrome - Thanks.


I would like to know more about the process if you wouldnt mind sharing. Do you render just to get the shapes and color it up in a vector program or do you texture stuff in blender? Whats the workflow?

nice work man !!!

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Thanks. Yeh, sorry. I render the SVG. It isn’t always perfect so I then put it into Adobe Illustrator to clean it up and colour it and add everything else. It takes a long time but it’s a great starting point to use Blender. They usually print a backdrop at the event which is cool…

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I have a tip for you then. I draw by hand with fine liners on bleached brilliant white paper (the kind you get in reams for office laser printers). Then i scan the sketch in and run it through a thing called Tracey.

I have a theory that if you render the outlines, and run it through Tracy, you will end up with a starting point that will take less cleaning up. Vector Magic does a better job, but its pricey.

Thanks. Sorry for the delay! I’ve not heard of Tracey before. I have Illustrator so I usually use the live trace tool in that. But tracing it smashes the lines into shapes and I prefer to maintain an actual line so that I can adjust the width if necessary. Thanks though.

That’s exceptionally good work with integrating the 3d environments to 2d stylized characters. :+1:

It’s virtually impossible to tell from the originals alone that the backgrounds are 3d models which is usually not that hard spot. It just shows that going the extra mile to draw 2d shading and material for the backgrounds properly pays off in the end.