Freestyle - long render time, too complex mesh? freestyle newbie

Hi BHds!, I am newbie on freestyle rendering but I guess something is wrong, is my scence to complex for this…?

  • it has a solidify on the coat
  • the are tiny details like a zip but I don´t think that this is the problem

I did a lot of test, getting rid of details and solidify modifier for example but the time is almost the same.
For the lighting a use 1 pass for the difuse and another for shading… but I dont know where is the problem
The difuse pass and the compositing for shading takes just 17 seconds… :frowning: .

The final result is awesome to me but I can´t believe that it takes 14 minutes for render just one frame.

I’ll be very grateful if someone has a clue for this long render time.

May be the problem is here…

what are all this warning? this is happening in the entire 14 minutes for “all the edges” that it takes the render.
Ant clue? thanks.

appearing twice… two meshes, double vertices…?
Take a part of it and do debugging on small scale…

I’m not an expert, but I also had these warnings, and there were no duplicated meshes or double vertices, and the result was fine anyway; I think it simply finds that the same edges belong to different line sets at the same time, but it’s a mere supposition.

As for the long rendering time, Freestyle is like that… perhaps you have some particle hair in the scene?


Thank you guys for your help, finally I guess found the solution, soon I will publish it here, thanks again!