Freestyle - Multiple Styles Within the Same Scene

So I was playing around with Freestyle today and I hit a bit of a snag.

All of the tutorials I’ve seen for freestyle have a single line style for the whole image. Most of them have only a single object in the scene.

What if I want to do something complicated? What if I want to have each character in a scene have a different line style? Or multiple line styles per character?

Right now, my only idea of how to do this is to duplicate my geometry a bunch of times and use multiple scene render layers and combine them in compositing. This seems wildly inefficient and enormously time consuming.

Is there a more reasonable way to do this? If not with the UI, is it possible with Python?

96 views and no responses. I’m going to go with “There is no way to do this.”


Put objects in group and use group selection in freestyle line set. That limits the lineset to that group.

Haha! That will work wonderfully. Merci my friend.