Freestyle not working after importing model


i started a new scene and just activated freestyle. The default cube gets lines and looks good.

I import a big city model and let the rendering finish and i cannot see freestyle.
Even than i look at the cube from the beginning…

I want to have good looking lines around the meshes to better see the different houses.
Has someone an idea what the problem is? Is freestyle not for big scenes? Is there something different i can use?

ok this was a dump question from me.
I allways thought the rendering is finished and startet to do something.
Yesterday i went home and let the pc render over night.
This morning i found my rendering with freestyle.
So i think the scene is only very heavy and needs more time to create the lines.
Second i didn´t know that its post processing :smiley:
So to not confuse anyone → this was no problem from blender