freestyle on cartoons

I hope I am in the right area to post this, but I have two characters with balloons for text, and I make them disappear at certain times in a action scene, but when the balloons disappear, the outline from the freestyle around the balloons stay up and do not disappear only the white balloons, at this time I have no text in the balloons, I was just testing the balloons, is there a problem here with the freestyle, I like the freestyle on my cartoons, if I turn off freestyle on the balloons my characters do not have the outlines. I sure there was a way to make the freestyle disappear along with the white balloons

Problem solved, I found the answer…

Interpreted as ‘screw you if you had the same problem as I had. I have the solution but I’m not going to tell you’

lonewolf03, “please share your solution,” is the polite way of saying what Richard ‘snarked’ out.
Anytime you have a problem, and find a solution, please post, so others can learn.

actually I am still trying to work this cartoon balloons over a animated scene, it is hard because I have to make them appear and disappear at a given point. The reason I said that the problem was solved was because I made the balloons disappeared first than I put the freestyle on my cartoons and it worked, but still not completely satisfied, WORK IN PROGRESS. This is a first for me as putting text balloons over characters while in motion is something new.