FreeStyle splash for Blender 2.67 - call for submissions

Hi all,

After 5 long years of hard work, FreeStyle has made its way in Blender. Cartoon and NPR rendering is cool stuff! To honour the efforts from Tamito Kajiyama (and everyone who helped him) we’d like to select a FreeStyle rendered splash for the 2.67 release.

I need your help to mine the web to find the best image, or just submit examples here! We only have 5 days for it though… on May 1st we should be able to pick one.

Tamito will help doing the selection with two other artists (to be confirmed).



You can get the 2.66 splash .xcf template here:
Note it’s there in a double resolution too. At one moment I’d like to have the splash scale with DPI setting as well. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: you can still add submissions, Friday 3 May latest though! Release will be after Sunday.

I’ll give it a try - I made his for my application for the uni in Berlin with freestyle -> Need to extract them from the PDF and compose them in a new way - but still a preview…

Though this still is a work in progress I assume it will be finished in a couple of days:

I am adding a car behind the house, some bushes, leaves flying around and on the street, as well as making everything (buildings, the street) a little less perfectly straight.

Also if Jay-Artist on would allow me posting my freestyle composit of his awesome Coutry Kitchen:
I’ll might have to get in touch with him about this one.

Are the blend files needed? I’m afraid most of my work can not be disclosure.
Here a few examples:
I can post more of them.

Please use Firefox to see this:

Animated .SVG: LINK

Animated .PNG: LINK

Thank you.

Fweeb, OK, I’ll do.
By the way at least in my case I read all of Ton’s post, but it was updated later.

Here is the start of mine. If I have time I would like to add some things. Suggestions welcomed!

Here is(/are) my submission(s), they will be improved the next couple of days.

here is my freestyle render, its a stylized venice scene

Congrats and huge thanks on this milestone!

From a freelance project. Bit of Freestyle, bit of edge nodes, bit of texturing:

made in Blender 2.63 + Freestyle ( hecho en blender 2.63 + freestyle )
material : toon - not texture / luz : sun

imagen Alta resolucion



From this tutorial page, I submit this picture:
Note, this is not my work. I hope to submit something of my own later.
Also, it’s not the full double-size, because it wasn’t that big.

NPR all over, little trace of FreeStyle left.
Red and green print, instead of blueprint. :wink:
Update #1: Change Line Color to red, tweak green
Update #2: Add shadow, AO and blur overlay
Update #3: Display my name subtly

Credit to modeller: masluch

Source file:
Both sizes in zip


A couple different versions of a simple flower (from here, cc-by)
I prefer the white one, but I have a thing for lineart and white backgrounds.
I can’t wait to see all the other submissions!

A Freestyle-wasp from me …

Some Archviz…


Some Archviz…

My Fordish 3d model with the different Freestyle-shaders from here



Gimp-templates (they include both images as layers):

My try: Just got freestyle today, so no promises. Also a little less complicated scene. Party!

I love this render engine!