FreeStyle SVG Export

Hello everyone.I saw on this page: Blender FreeStyle SVG Exporter can export fills, but it’s not explained how to do so.Does anyone know?Thanks in advance.Bye, Ivano.

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Nevermind, it was under render layers

Hello everyone. I have a problem with FreeStyle SVG export: it doesn’t export any SVG files, altough it renders correctly with FreeStyle (just the npr renderer).
Thanks in advance for any help.

Bye, Marco.

Set the location of the .svg file in the Render / Output panel

Tested in blender 2.78b successfully

I already did it, is set to export to c: mp

Supply simple demo blend file to review

Not right now, I’m at the pub. As soon as I return home.

Have you enabled both freestyle export panels as in the screenshots above

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Yes. But it’s weird, until a while ago it’s used to work.

Well, in truth it used to work under Linux, but same setup.
Here are my settings and a test file.

After enabling the freestyle svg export addon and setting the export location to my desktop i get the following svg file (attached)

Attachments (2.08 KB)

I don’t know how, now it works.

Hi Richard Marklew!
How to export svg with color?
Maybe you add color by other software?

I’m sorry, I didn’t notice your post.
Well, to export filled polygons, you just have to enable “export fills” in render layer.
I’m attaching a couple screenshots and a .blend file for your reference.

FreeStyleSVG.blend (472 KB)


P.S.: 1st, just hit f12 and see the result (you could need to specify export folder), 2nd, look in the 1st and 2nd tab on the right (render options and render layers) for FreeStyle options.
Oh, you’ll also have to enable FreeStyle render and SVG exporter in user preferences.

Anyone have updated instructions for this in 2020 with Blender 2.8?

After I’ve enabled the add-on and both panels, the freestyle line doesn’t appear i the render.

If I disable the plugin, the lines appear in the renders again.

EDIT: Today, it just works. No idea what changed… :thinking:

Yeah, it works now on 2.82.
What I don’t understand is how to export .svg animation to different .svg layers.
If you do a simple 10 frame animation all of your renders will belong to only 1 .svg layer which breaks the intent to do animation.
So why is “animation” marked if everything rendered will end up in a single .svg layer and not multiple layers?

I don’t know if this will help, but I have a section in my SKETCH STYLE docs on SVG rendering: