FreeStyle SVG Exporter won't export any fill

Hello everyone.
As in subject, I noticed FreeStyle SVG Export doesn’t export fills in shapes.
In eg, until some time ago, if I render the default cube with the FreeStyle SVG Exporter, it (usually) also exports some basic color informations.
Now, instead, I can just export edges (all in black) and no any kind of fill/material/color.
Is this a problem with any eventual update to the script, or is this related to any rendering options I have to set up priorly?
Note I’m using Blender render, overridden by freestyle and its SVG Exporter.

Thanks if anyone will help.

Bye, Ivano.

Hello again. It’s weird, I managed to make rendering include fills, but only base material. If I try to render a cube with vertex colored material (no texture) I can just still see it grey. Why?
I made it to export fills by going to render layers settings, is it there any particular setting I need to use?

C’m’on guys, it’s been more than a week. Doesn’t anyone really know how to help?

I’ve been able to export color, but I can’t use vertex colors, just the material one.

They might not be looking.

I didn’t because the thread has no attachments, just saw this had replies. Why does that matter? Because such threads are likely to have “it doesn’t work” as the only information to work with, or include cropped screenshot at the most. It’s a big waste of time to look into those for several reasons

  • I know if I can or want to contribute something to a thread without support files just from the title
  • such threads are often from new users who don’t care to come back to check nor acknowledge the answers
  • the OP has a problem but doesn’t help anyone to look into it nor answer. If it’s not one of those few cases where an educated guess is usually right, it would be guesses and speculation instead of troubleshooting and communication
  • for the same reason it’s nowhere near finding a problem with Blender itself. Blender bug tracker instructions tell to include an example file and to test on multiple systems.

“I can include file if needed” - I can ignore this thread. I don’t need the file because it’s not my problem, and I don’t want 10000 more posts just from file requests
“but I can’t share the file” - Excuses. Prepare one you can share.

How to do it properly is rather simple. Use full interface screenshots to help you explain, and include an example .blend to get eyes on the problem and to help people answer with the same clarity. More information on why/where/how in the tutorial linked in my signature.

Ok, you’re right. I’m attaching a .blend file and some screenshots.

Last screenshot and .blend file next post


untitled.blend (487 KB)

It only exports the set diffuse color. With Cycles, it exports the set viewport color.

If you want it out as a normal image, the material needs to be set to use vertex color paint, but it doesn’t export it as .svg.

What a shame, it doesn’t export to svg.
Thanks anyhow.