Freestyle: Taking FOREVER to Render

I have a fairly simple model of Batman:

Because the model is based off of Batman from the cartoon, I used all “Toon” Materials and Shading. Then, for the outline, I thought I’d use a Freestyle build of Blender.

Though I’ve often had difficulty with Freestyle (though I think it’s still a hugely powerful and cool tool), this is a whole new caliber of problem: it’s basically taking FOREVER to Render. When I say, “forever”, I mean that literally: it never finishes! The Render bar just sits there full, but never finishes.

Does anybody know why this is happening? Is there something unique with Toon Materials? Does Freestyle just take an eternity with Objects that have lots of different Materials and polygons like the model has?

Any assistance would be appreciated, because Blender’s “Edge” is not at all sufficient to create the illusion of it being a hand-animated figure.