Freestyle Toon Shader Test Renders


These are some test renders of my character models in freestyle. I plan on remodeling all my characters to get the mesh topology good, since their heads/faces look too boxy/geometric. There’s only one lamp, which is a sun lamp, so not too sure how many lamps I need for Freestyle.
Gonna have to figure out more about lighting in freestyle, especially in an animation rendered in freestyle/toon shader.


testing another render of freestyle/toon shader. need to figure out how I’m gonna light the scene when the character moves in the environment.

(Representative) #3

Have you tried using makehuman and/or Manuel Bastion?

Your images are awesome by the way. I am trying stuff on a similar vein too.


Thanks! And yes, I’ve used both of them before, but I want to learn to model my own characters.

More test renders. It seems that the higher the resolution render is, the thinner the freestyle lines get. Not sure why though.
When rendered in the default 1080p resolution, the freestyle lines appears normal.
The first image shown was rendered in 8k resolution, while
The second image shown was rendered in 4k resolution.


here’s another freestyle test render. This time, I didn’t use the Blender internal material node and instead, used different nodes.
The node setup was based from this tutorial:

here’s the node setup I used for the materials in Blender Internal.

Now all I gotta figure out how many lamps to use when animating in freestyle.


Another freestyle render test. Decided to just use the default material toon shader node since the node above created some weird shadows, or shadows that made the model still look 3d as opposed to the 2d freestyle look.
I also made sure only one lamp affected the character material so no other lamps lit the model.
Camera Focal Length is 100mm.

Also, here’s the node setup I used to make the freestyle/toon materials. Nothing too complicated, just a material node and color ramp used. For the freestyle line thickness, I just set it to 0.5 and rendered the image in 4k resolution.


Another test render. I was able to mark freestyle edge marks at areas that I wanted lines to appear, such as the nostrils and eyelid parts. Also made Veronica goth.
Used the node setup from post #5 to render freestyle/toon.


Snowman render. Need to work on shadows/lighting.


New test render. Finally found a better way to render toon/freestyle using irie’s OSL toon shader in cycles.
Link is here for those interested in cycles toon shader.
If you do plan on using irie’s OSL toon shader, make sure to turn off all light bounces to speed up the render time.
Also turn off anything else that is only specifically for realistic renders, such as caustics.

Rendered in Cycles Freestyle + irie’s OSL Toon Shader
Time Rendered: 10 Seconds


Another test render using irie’s OSL Toon Shader in Cycles.
The model is a xps mesh of Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter/DOA 5.
Rendered in Cycles/Freestyle.
Time rendered: 25 seconds.


Testing toon shader for the grass. The grass is a mesh emitted as particles on a plane.
I used the children setting to get many grass particles to emit and appear.
For the shader, I just used the default toon shader material and used the color ramp for the diffuse toon.
As for the plane, I used the ocean modifier to create the landscape to get hills.
Time Rendered: 55 Seconds.
Rendered in Blender Internal Freestyle.


New test. Finally got specualr shades to show up on the model in Internal Render.
The scene was also rendered in orthographic view to get more of a 2d cell shaded look.
Using Internal now for freestyle toon since cycles is slower.


gunna update some new test renders and models i made recently.


just testing an animation for freestyle.


finally got a toon look for an ocean. need work though.


finally got palm tree models for a beach. Cel-shaded beach.


new render for Veronica. Note that I did changer her from blond to red head.
I was also finally able to model the mouth and teeth for Veronica. Just have to figure out how to animate the mouth with shapekeys and bones.