Freetel pc Challenge ! be open !

Your imagination combined with BLENDER technology powered by processor can bring sleek, innovative new consumer PC designs to market!

The freetel Processor Challenge, announced at the Fall blender Developer Forum, is a free-sponsored PC system design challenge intended to accelerate the availability of small, stylish PCs for consumers’ homes. As part of the freetel Processor Challenge, freetel will award up “tribute 2 … your name” awards in prizes to all peaple on the planet that create and build the most innovative system designs featuring processors technology-based PC or others .

	Think outside the 'big, beige box'

blablablabla processor performance while at the same time providing improved energy efficiency that enables smaller, quieter and more stylish thiny powerfull PCs. When combined with new technology’s hardware and platform features, consumers get the performance and capabilities for a great digital entertainment experience in a small, sleek PC design that looks great in any room in their homes.

	Show your Style

As part of the freetel Processor Challenge, eligible design entries will be evaluated based on attributes of style, acoustics, functionality and features.

	 		A diverse panel of judges with expertise in technology, design, fashion and style has been assembled to evaluate the eligible entries and select the winners. Panelists include:

All people on the planet !

“Tribute2 awards”

freetel will award the Grand prize winner with up to ultimate world planet honor and weight in gold !!!

and then we can compare with the intel challengers …

What exactly do you want us to do?

blend your dreams about pc form factors …

several categories :

  • 5 sens (aka wearable computer :touch, watch, ear, …) :
    example : watch phone pc with visual eyes system …
  • thin panel pc form factor (aka tablet pc )
  • nano pc form factor
  • mini pc form factor
  • beyond form factor

and present the hardware you choose … with electronic available on the market except for beyond form factor …

you have to provide a movie that present general overview form factor and internal architecture :wink: futuristic electronic card form is allowed …

until January 15, 2007 …


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hope you enjoy …

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I’m a little bit confused but what is the prize?