Freeware high quality 3D engine...

…Don’t stop reading, but it’s for Visual Basic:) They Also have it for Delphi and .net I believe, although no C++ variants.

Here’s a quote from

TrueVision3D Engines Community has updated their whole website and released their 3d engine version 4.0 with amazing effects like “Reflective Cube Environment mapped Bezier path”, this results of this VB 3d engine is even so good that it’s better then a lot C++ engines, and of course with same fps or even better. The developing time of a game with a VB engine is even shorter, because the code is easier to learn and faster to write.

…You can visit TrueVision3D at:

Note: Their mirror is down, but you can download it in 5 pieces if you scroll down to the bottom of their news section on the main page.

I considered looking into this for Delphi, but obviously the company doesn’t know what the hell they are doing. I hunted around for information on it’s OS support and which version of Delphi it would work with, but found nothing. So I decide to go ahead and download just to try, but of course both their mirrors, and the site that alternatly hosts their files is not working. That’s proffesionalism for you. Horrible site. Blech. Engine looks promising though. :wink:

How about some constructive criticism for once, Valar? Saying that everything sucks @$$ doesn’t really help. I hate how you always do that!

They acknowledge the problems with the mirror in the news item and provide the alternate links on their main page. It’s only a temporary fix though. The mirror site was the only place where the files were hosted if you look at where the original links are pointing to. Anyway, shut the hell up about how they’re not professional. They’re doing all this work and providing the libraries for download free of charge. So go suck a bong!

I’m a skeptic – and a programmer.

I use both VB and C++ and I just wonder one thing – what “library” do they use to make the VB app faster than C++? (I’ll bet it’s written in C++!)

I’ll bet it’s written in C++!

I’m sure it IS written in C or assembly or something, but they’ve written these to be used with VB. Essentially you get low-level power with high-level programming :slight_smile:

no, you already sucked em all. :stuck_out_tongue:
seriously, i said why they sucked, i didn’t just give the normal troll style “th1s s1t3 SuX @$$” type thing.
and no, they are not professional. i think i could get more information, off of in about half the time. that’s bad.