Freeware Photoshop and Premier?

I could be misunderstanding the point of this, but this paragraph in this article about Adobe (see url below) caught my eye:

Chizen added that Adobe, known for its popular Acrobat document reader, was considering offering some of its more sophisticated software for photo and video editing over the Internet, financed by advertising.
That would be interesting. The downside would that it would seriously undermine the motivation to improve on Gimp and, uh… well, to continue trying to build a proper open source video editor.

It’s also something to think about for open source projects in general. If software companies are considering moving to a free distribution business model for proprietary apps, this could actually create some real competition for the open source projects. this is the link I get from that link…

I might be wrong, but if they’re going to be offering things like photoshop for free… well… won’t gimp, inkscape, and all the other open-source adobe competitors get blown out of the water? I mean, I’m not going to use GIMP when photoshop is legally being distributed for free. It’s not really much of a competition.

i am not so sure about its success. many companies tried those add payed softwares and to my knowledge they never realy worked as good as they hoped.

i dont think that they will not continue to dev Gimp as much as they do right now.


Here’s a link that actually works:

You guys aren’t actually suggesting that Adobe would release Premiere and Photoshop as FREEWARE?

Not that I’m against that, but, HELLO???


No, actually adobe’s the one that’s suggested that.

Well, uh…I guess I should go read the article then…:smiley:

EDIT: Well I’ll be…:eek:

For free okay … but , will we be able to make profit with it :confused: .

And i don’t think that GIMP will be blow away , cause it’s open source , you can learn from the code , change stuff if you want/can .
And that’s the big point that open source software has , and proprietary software will ( i think ) never have .

well …

Peace :).

Good point.

Also, where do they specify Premiere and Photoshop?:confused:

EDIT: BUT, will they be open sourced? :smiley:

yeah, it has me just as suprised. I have to wonder if whatever they release won’t be terribly crippled somehow though.

edit: err… wasn’t it you who suggested that’s what they were talking about?

Fixed the link. Sorry.

Also, where do they specify Premiere and Photoshop?
They didn’t specify Premier and Photoshop. The article said “sophisticated software for photo and video editing”, and the company is Adobe, so there’s only a finite number of apps they could be talking about. Could be Elements, could be After Effects. Could be some of them. Could be all of them.

I think that this would be good for artists and not so good for open source if it were to prove to be a viable business model. But, frankly, I think companies usually get this stuff wrong… either they try to put restrictions on use (free for non-commercial uses but…) or they hobble it beyond usefulness, or something like that. If they offer it for free but hobbled or only for personal use or with other such restrictions, nothing will change, I think, since unhobbled versions are already “free” for personal use to anybody with an internet connection and a bookmark to I am of course not endorsing this kind of dastardly activity but I hear through the grapevine that everybody (except me) does it.

If they offered it for free including commercial use, then there’d be a big question as to whether they could make enough money using ads alone to keep the quality high.

Still, it’s interesting to me that companies like Adobe are tossing ideas like this around.

And i don’t think that GIMP will be blow away , cause it’s open source , you can learn from the code , change stuff if you want/can .
And that’s the big point that open source software has , and proprietary software will ( i think ) never have .
Open source software will never, ever go away. However, it could return to its original place in the world as a marginalized, inaccessible, coders-only thing that nobody cared about for its functionality, only for the novelty of being able to tweak the code. And this would be unfortunate, since the ideas (and ideals) behind open source deserve a wider audience.

I have to say though, I think it’s unlikely. I think that the future does not look bright for proprietary digital content.

BUT, will they be open sourced?
That, I seriously doubt. Revolutionizing one’s business plan is one thing, flat out corporate suicide is something else. Although that would be great for open source… It would bring a new meaning to the word GimpShop…

I would bet that they’ll release Photoshop LITE and Premiere LITE.
(badly scaled down versions). They said they were considering
releasing “software”, not “their full software”.
Also please note that advertising may also mean: spyware.

So what about people like myself who’ve purchased Photoshop?!

That would seem to be a win-win scenario for them. People would quickly outgrow the junky Lite versions and upgrade to a Real Version, and Adobe would also generate revenues and/or spyware data from every download. Sounds like a good business plan to me (even if it is admittedly pretty rotten to the customer.)

ppl keep talking about photoshop, but how about macromedia fireworks? adobe have it now, and i think they really dont know what to do with it.

my 2 cents

I bet they are talking about Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. Heck, you can already get PS Elements free bundled with digital cameras and scanners, so why not give it away bundled with adware? I definitely don’t think many people would be happy about the adware part, though. But Adobe would be stupid to actually give away the full blown version of Photoshop when they are charging $600 for it now. So, have no fear, GIMP lovers, Photoshop Elements can’t hold a candle to what the GIMP can do, plus no spyware with the GIMP!

Heh, when reading the first post I imidiatly thought: image editing over the internet? Ooooh, They’ll use Flash’s new bitmap functionality maybe.

They won’t release full Photoshop for free, just something that is just up to par with the competition. I guess it’s the same path Microsoft went with the Express editions of Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005. And I do think that Visual C# blows SharpDevelop out of the water. No real reason to use MySQL for Desktop Applications either.

I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happened to the Gimp and Inkscape if Photoshop and Illustrator Express would be available for free.

Uh? Are you joking? They’re still closed sources, meaning that no future
update is granted, and in case of stopped distribution (as freeware)
nobody is able to maintain/update for every little issue it may have
(eg: incompatibility with a security update, or with a new O.S., etc.etc.).

Nothing can grant users that in a year or two the freeware closed-source release
will be still working, updated or even freeware (yes, the software houses
keep the right to stop distribution, and usually they let users download
or use only after givin email address, not givin anyone else the right
to mirror/redistribute… guess why?).