freeware video screen capture with audio

I just stumbled upon a simple video capturing software to record tutorials with. Maybe you guys have already heard of it, but it is called ZD Soft Screen Recorder It is very simple to use, and the quality is very good for doing tutorials with. You will need a P3 or higher to get good results, but I think that most of you should be using at least that by now. Anyway, It records audio right along with the video and saves it as one complete AVI file, wmv file, srv file, or exe file format. Just thought it would be good to share it with you guys. Now I’m off to make some tutorials… bye:)

what about camstudio? it produces .flv [flash video] files… and avi


These will do just fine. And Wink works on linux. Both of these export SWF files too. :smiley:

(Though I’ll add this new one to my favs list anyway ;))

this program is a resourse hog compared to camstudio or frontcam, it works smoothly in the default format but avi and wmv murdered me.

now the streaming video recorder they offer worked fine

Yeah, I already have cam studio and front cam, and the wink, all work fine except cam studio for some reason it doesn’t mix the audio with the video correctly on my system, I usually have to seperate the two and match them back together in another editing program. Though I must say that the fact this program doesn7t save in flash format is a drawback. But in any case I just posted here to give the community another option should they need it.

I prefer the wink for it’s ease of use, just it would be good if it supported sound with it, then our tuts could be more interesting for the newbie out there.

If you know of any other software, not camtasia, please post some links here.:smiley:

Actually, you can have sound with version 2.0 of Wink.


i have used Wink on a few projects and it’s pretty good OSS tool.