Freeze curve after offset

I need help. I make one curve, offset it and i need to freeze. But how.
I want have two curves with small offset between them.

sorry for my english

what do you mean with “freeze”? like locking so that you can’t move it anymore? if yes, then the answer is no. but some additional informaton would be useful

I make one curve, duplicate them and add small offset to it with buttons window. Then I join both curves, and offset of second curve is disappear.
Also I want edit second (offsetted) curve with control points.

hm, don’t know why this happens. but try this:

  • create a curve, DON’t leave edit mode
  • with all points selected, hit SHIFT+D for duplicate, DON’T move the duplicate just press LMB and leave it where it is.
  • open the numeric panel “N”
  • insert offset numerically.

this works, juts tried it myself.

no, offset made by changing WIDTH parameter
curve2 appear like outline curve1

the width parameter is applied to the whole curve, not individual parts/segments. as soon as you join the two curves, they become a single object with one width parameter. so you’ll need to adjust the offset using the modelling command GRAB (move, shortgut “G”)