freeze!! Police!! (only the logo that is ;) )

the Dutch policelogo.
I have to read up on some texturetutorials to make te yellow more golden.
Some lightning must be changed to get rid of some ugly shadows in the ‘flame’

Want to make a desktoppicture with it, but don’t know how to impose this image seamlessly onto a background (why of all times had B@RT’s faqpage cease to work :wink: )

Any comments are welcomed

Well. You could get the Big Blender Material Library somewhere (They have a pretty good gold, the trick is it needs a slight Env map, wich you may or may not know how to do). Also, turning off shadows may give a better result (not sure.). You dont need to take a screen capture. Instead, set file type to JPEG on the video window, and then press F3 after rendering. make sure you save with *.jpg file extension. And to make it blend seamlesly (I think I know what your talking about) press the button that looks like the world. Add a material. And set it to solid color that matches your computer desktops background. Hope some of this helps, nice modeling.

Here’s the link: You can get a nice gold from there.


Thanks for both your posts. the tips are very welcome, and also is the extra matrerials library.