Freeze the mesh in middleaction

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Hi, folks!
Does anybody knows if there is a way to freeze a mesh parented to an armature in middleaction?
I mean: I need to obtain a copy of the mesh, for fixing the geometry parameterization, while the character is at middle step, with the leg lifted up; but I need it freezed in that pose so when I go in edit mode for that copy it stay with the leg lifted up.
I tried every option I found on the keyboard, but none seems to work for this.
Any suggestion would be very appreciated.


(haunt_house) #2

do you just need it as a reference?

(theeth) #3

I don’t think you can keep the pose in edit mose and then reapply the change on the deformed model.


(Rob) #4

Not sure if this is what you want, anyway:

  1. Go to the required frame.
  2. MAke a copy of the mesh with shift D.
  3. Go to the ipo window and make the ipo single user, but hitting the X
  4. Delete the ipo for the mesh you want to be static.



Maybe you need to use the copy & copy flipped keys?

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Thanks for answer!
x haunt_house: yes, I need it for reference.
x theeth: I don’t need to reapply the change on the deformed model. It would be enough to have the copied mesh freezed at the frame in middleaction. If Blender cannot do this, do you think it would be possible to write a python script?
x Rob: the mesh has not any ipo, the ipo are all in the armature. And what is the copy & copy flipped keys?


(haunt_house) #6

maybe 'copy flipped is the solution to my problem. If you name symmetrical bones identical and give them the extension .R and .L for left or right, Blender can flip the poses. But I haven’t tested it yet.

btw: could you use numerical values (Nkey) to transfer your pose?


(EnV) #7

I didn’t explain my problem the correct way: I don’t need to flip the pose.
I’m working at the allosaurus animation and when the allo do a step the foot fingers curve down, but because in that area the mesh is not correctly built the effect is wrong; I was wondering if there is a way to freeze the mesh at the frame in which the fingers are curved in EDIT MODE, because if I go in edit mode at that frame the mesh return at its original pose so I cannot fix the problem. So, if there is a way to freeze it, I should make a copy of the mesh, go to the frame the fingers curves, freeze the copied mesh, fix the wrong vertices in edit mode and use the fixed copied mesh as refence for fixing the original mesh.


(Rob) #8

NLA might do the trick. You can create the animation in bits and then just stick them together as you need. There are all sorts of controls, for doing stuff. If you have not used it before it takes a bit of brain strain to work it out; this is worth the effort to search for the tuts and go through them, as you will end up using it all the time.


(theeth) #9

oh, it’s that’s just it, there’s no problem then, just download the Apply_def script from my Python goodies page:


(EnV) #10

Oh well, Martin… I should have realized that someone already tought at such a thing… wonderfull!! Thank you a lot, I think this could be a very useful feature in Blender!


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Ehi Theeth, I tried your script to freeze the mesh and it works perfectly, of course.
Just only one question: the deformed mesh don’t keeps the vertex groups of the original mesh; is there a way to fix this or is it impossible to do?


(theeth) #12

I don’t think so


(EnV) #13

Oh well… some you lose and some you win. Thank you anyway, Theeth! :smiley: