freeze transform equivalent

Hi all,

It’s easy enough to apply rotation and scale (essentially freezing them to an object), but what about transformation? I’m looking for a way to reset the distances between a parent and its children. I know of Aligorith’s upcoming Child Of constraint, but that won’t work, I’d think, for creating a joystick control interface for a face.

Any keyboard shortcut or python trickery that anyone knows of? Thanks in advance.

I’m not certain from your description but I think alt-o clear origin might be what you are looking for.


No, that just snaps the object to its parent from the looks of it. I’d like the object to remain where it is, but for the values in the transform box to change to 0,0,0.

The transform coordinates are the objcts location in the world coordinate system if it isn’t parented. If it is parented the objects transform coordinates are in relation to its parents local coordinate system. If you zero the transform coordinates you move the object to 0,0,0 (world or if parented to the parents 0,0,0). To do what you want BEFORE parenting move the childs center (with “center cursor”) to the same location as the parents center. – the transform coordinates will also read the way you wish.


[edit – that should be “Then parent with ctrl-p. Then if you move the child you can move it back to its original location with alt-g”]