Freezes PC

Hi Guys :D.

Iv’e created a grid, raised it, textures it, added hair particles for grass effect and have used the ‘wave’ function to add a water effect.

When I press ALT + ‘a’ I can see the waves moving and have altered accordingly to make it look more realistic.

However, When I press render animation, it takes an absolute age and runs extremely slowly. Furthermore, if I start it as a game (although it isn’t at the moment), it completely freezes Blender.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for help on this? I have a relatively new PC with a new graphics card, so I wouldn’t have thought my PC would have an issue with what im doing :(.


um… neither the wave modifier nor particle effects will work in the bge. I’m not sure why it would freeze blender, but you shouldn’t expect to see either effect. Depending on the size / resolution of your grid, and the number of particles (which for grass I would expect to be in the hundreds of thousands, at least) I would imagine that it would take a long time to render on any computer. Also, the graphics card has nothing to do with the rendering speed (for now… hint to the already busy devs!).

Here’s what I mean guys.

As you can see from the below, it’s a screenshot from when I render animate my 3D world and the wave in the pool should be moving across, but it’s almost asif its loading forever and taken about 5 minutes to move completely from left to right.

Anyone got any ideas please?