Freezes without surpassing 20% CPU and 0% GPU with modifiers

I have a file with about 1.6m faces. Used a Decimate modifier to bring that to 160,000 faces. Program freezes every time I do anything in the modifier menu (selecting boolean is a freeze, selecting the object is a freeze - every mouse click is a freeze). The task manager shows nothing happening with my GPU and for the most part memory and CPU show under 25% use, with a brief surge to 95% and 50% on the CPU and memory respectively, for about 4 seconds near the end of about a minute long freeze. The GPU appears completely unutilized, is there a setting I need to change or is my system just not powerful enough for this? The GPU does get used when rotating my view of the objects.

i7 107k cpu
rtx 3070 gpu
64 gb ddr4 ram

freezes every time I do anything in the modifier menu

it just recalculates whole modifier stack every time you do anything with modifiers (there are no sub-step caches)

Yea, I figured that much, just surprised that just selecting (not actually implementing) the modifier category would cause a freeze, but mostly surprised that it’s freezing without the system actually appearing stressed in the task manager, and the GPU being completely unused.

Propably single core by single thread is occupied at 100% or more but its limited by non-mulithreaded part of code

And why would gpu was suppse to be stressed? Thats totaly unrelated.

The fact that UI is freezed during computation operation is just bad Blender code design decision made 20 years ago.

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I don’t know anything about coding or how the program works. Was hoping I was doing something wrong so that I could fix it.

I"ve tried googling, but I’m not finding this - does anybody know about how high of a face count Blender can reasonably handle with an i7 107k?

I think your CPU is fine :slight_smile:

Blender has become very feature rich… so much so that there is a good chance that it loads and refreshes features which you aren’t really using. It’s like a normal Pilot going over a checklist of a space shuttle, over and over , haha