Freezing Bubble material

Is there any way to create this type of freezing effect in blender?

There may be some sort of complicated way to generate such effect within Blender, but I think it’s best to just find or make a texture for it.
After some searches, I found some good textures you could use. Just Google “frost texture”, or “ice crystal texture”.
Here is a free texture I found that way:

Now, with this texture, you’d want to apply it to a mesh with a material. I think a simple node setup with the image plugged into the roughness of a glass shader should do the trick.

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Short answer: yes, it can be done.

Long answer: It won’t be easy. You need to do write your own simulation system, and them make it to write the result into a texture.
Luckly, simulating growth/random-walkers/etc in a spherical surface is not that difficult (well, a bit). But the complexity for simulations in other kind of topology might not be so straigth forward.

If you’re not planning to animate this, then you can fake it. Painting tangential vectors and other vector information could help you a lot.

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Thanks for the link to the texture, I’ll definitely use it. But I’m actually looking for a procedural way to do this.

Doesn’t matter if the way is long or short, just tell me, I’ll try my best to pull it off. I don’t want to make animation, but I’m looking for a procedural way to achieve this effect. I’m not sure but, I think animation nodes can generate this type of patterns.