Freezing problems, only with ceartain .blend files?

Ok, sometimes when I’m using Blender, it freezes all on it’s own, with no real trigger. Sometimes I’m rotating the view, sometimes I’m pressing TAB to go into Edit/Object mode, but it always freezes on that .blend, with all versions of blender…

And it only does it with ceartain .blend files…

I have other .blends and they don’t have that problem… I don’t know why blender seems to choose specific files to freeze…

How can I fix a problem like this?

I’m running on Windows ME(yes, I know, it’s crappy), and I have a Trident Cyberblade AGP(77) video card. I tried going to the website for the drivers(using the link from this website) and the website wouldn’t let me download anything.

There are huge projects that I want to finish. Other people don’t seem to have that problem.

Please help me.


Could you give the .blend file?

do you mean blender crashes (exits with a windows error) or simly becomes unresponsive?

anyway i’d upgrade to winXP, at least 2k. and, if you’re willing to spend 40 bucks, invest them in a GeForce MX4 or something similar, it really pays off.

other scenarios could be that you open .blend files which were created with different versions. in most cases this isn’t a problem since the file fomat it back- and forth-compatible, but sometimes this could crash blender.

make notes on when exactly blender crashes, this might help to tackle down the problem

Is the model that crashes much more complex (ie high polycount) than your other models?

Maybe try making a new .blend with an excessively complex model and see if that crashes

None of the .blends are similar.