Freezing water simulation

I’m working on a scene that involves a container of water gradually freezing into a block of ice. The freezing starts off at a point, then expands in a crystal-buildup sort of way until the body of water is solid.
Sort of like this, where the liquid particles are still able to interact with the frozen ones:

Not sure how to go about this, as Blender’s fluid simulator doesn’t seem to support this kind of feature.
Any ideas?

I found a temporary workaround (if anyone else has the same question):
Basically I have a separate model for the frozen fluid, which covers the animated one. Its material is determined by a Dynamic Paint wetmap, set to ‘spread’. The ‘Dry’ setting is turned off.
The model starts out transparent (invisible), until the DP ‘brush’ touches it. then the DP starts spreading, which gradually converts its material to an icy texture, until the whole model is visible.

This isn’t the most ideal solution though, so any feedback would still be great.