[FreezingMoon.org] Organization making free open source games

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Team name:
Freezing Moon
Non-profit organization developing free open source cross platform games.
You can read more about it here.

Brief description:
We’re working on two game projects, both free open source cross platform.

Ancient Beast, which is an online fantasy RTS RPG, based on the Norse Mythology.

During the time of Ragnarök, 9 different realms merge together, each with it’s own theme and creatures. You’ll control a small party of about 5 diverse creatures of your choice (as you can manage), which you can upgrade and evolve, in order to form a good combo and defeat your foes.
You can consider this an alternative to HoMM/3 game(s) and Disciples 2 etc.

Dark Shift, online sci-FI FPS.
Post apocalyptic future with compelling storyline as well. The gameplay will be focused on multiplayer arenas. It will feature 4 different playable character classes, meaning a total 12, each with their own features, gear, strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay is optimized for Wiimote + nunchuck for an increased experience.
You can consider this an alternative to AvP 2 and Team Fortress 2.

We’re aiming for an early alpha release for Dark Shift by the end of this year.

There is some design and technical documentation available to the public online for both of them, as well as concept artwork and renders. Check out this page.

Target aim:
noticing the “Free” in our name? :smiley:
Yeah, free / open source and cross platform, supporting Linux, Windows and Mac at least.

There’s a fair chance you’ll be able to make some pocket money with time, if you’re part of the core team, meaning you’ll provide quality content on a regular basis among other things. We’ll also have community contests with prizes in the near future.
Team members get listed on our website along with some of their details. Contributors/sponsors/donors also get credited in separate lists.

You’ll get to learn a lot of awesome stuff and meet cool people while working on something that will get hopefully get huge with your support.

We’re mainly using blender and it’s game engine for developing our projects.
As stated in our workflow documentation, we highly encourage/recommend free open source usage in the pipeline.

Talent needed:
We’re fairly cover all areas atm, but we’re always looking for an extra hand to ease up the work flow, just to be sure we’re doing constant progress and as they say, ‘the right man for the right job’.

high priority
programmers - fair knowledge of blender and it’s game engine, meaning python, the python BGE API and logic bricks (drag’n’drop programming); they’re all fairly easy to learn.
3d animators - we need someone that’s proficient with rigging and animating characters by using blender.

medium priority
concept artists - we need a lot of creatures designed for Ancient Beast, as well as upgrades and evolution for each, as well as icons for abilities/skills/spells; also props, structures, landscapes designed.
texture artists - we would prefer someone with blender knowledge, that’s familiar with GLSL, multi-UV, multiple materials, generating AO maps, making good use of video memory.
3d modeler - knowledge of blender, passion and hopefully expertise in more related areas, not just modeling, for better results

low priority
sound FX - pretty much every action and animation will need a sound to empower it; even if there isn’t any, we can still use some in order to trick players into imagining more than there actually is.
voice acting - we’ll be needing voices for different creatures and characters as well as a VJ.
music composers - we’ll need a variety of styles that go in theme with Ancient Beast’s realms (fantasy/orchestral/dark ambiental/metal etc).

Team structure:
You can read about the team mates over here, as well as about other contributors (credits linked).
I have multiple roles: leadership, management, PR, design, documentation, modeling and a few more under way.

www.FreezingMoon.org work in progress
http://www.AncientBeast.com coming soon

Me and some of the team mates, including part of the community, hang around our IRC channel. #FreezingMoon on Freenode server. You can join from here by using our Java applet or learn how to set up Xchat client with the proper configuration.

You can reach my at my e-mail address
[email protected]
or you can also use the contact form
Our forum board is located over here, but it’s not really active as it is just temporary (waiting for Google Wave).

If you want to contact me via IM networks, you can find more info on my personal website.

Additional Info:
Keep in mind that we’re rather underground and not very efficient when it comes to showcasing our work at the moment. There’s way more going on than it looks like, in terms of modeling, artwork and design/documentation. You’ll notice constant progress and eye candy if you’ll be watching us for a while. Rome wasn’t build in a day.

need to include some images around here because some people just don’t read or follow links in order to find the eye-candy

Siren (Dark Shift)

Mushroom (Ancient Beast)

Horn-Head (Ancient Beast)

You can check out our periodic updated pages on Facebook

Freezing Moon & cause.

Dark Shift

Ancient Beast

We prefer to work with open source / Linux users :wink:

Any feedback is welcomed. Try not to brag too much if you’re not able to contribute anything useful, because our resources are fairly limited.

Magmar rules! Good luck with this!

Thanks, Roger.

I guess I’ll have to upload some more blender related screenies soon and hopefully some videos in order to attract more attention and hopefully find more skilled people wanting to be part of this. Anyone? :cool:

wow you guys have alot of progres so far i’ll keep checking this for updates :wink:

Some of your links are screwy. Just remove the part with “blenderartists.org/forum/” from the links and it’ll all be good.

Just added the site to my bookmarks!
Both the site and the projects look promising, just wondering… where could I submit an application?

Thanks for letting me know. Hope I fixed them.

“if something can go wrong, then it will”

Thanks. Well, it’s a pretty big post because I included lots of info :smiley:

My email address: [email protected]

Thanks. Well, it’s a pretty big post because I included lots of info :smiley:

[email protected]

Great work, guys! It reminds me of Zeno Clash in terms of visuals.

Looks pretty cool, especially the Mushroom! He is funny! keep up your work!


@AniCator I looked at an youtube video of it, it’s interesting

@ShingWanTin thanks :slight_smile:

Woot, blendernation plug! http://www.blendernation.com/freezing-moon-open-games/

Been talking to new artists all day now on the IRC channel. We’re still looking for people… especially programmers good with BGE. Give us a shout!

I am a programmer. However… I have to say that in the BGE, it is a bit hard to make an RTS, let alone a MMORTS. Not to rain on your parade, but maybe you should start with something simpler? Like a (very) simple MORPG. If you guys are looking into one of those (MORPG), I might pitch in.

It’s not really a full scale mmo like World of Warcraft, It will get better documented with time for everybody to see and understand the concept better (edit: it’s more like you said, MO…).
We first aim at getting a prototype going. I think BGE sucks hard as a game engine atm, but it’s integrated into blender so it avoids bottlenecks (save/import/export for every single thing), it uses python (no compilation) and it has logic bricks. It’s development has a very fast rate, so I like to think that I see the bigger picture and that it has a lot of potential and in the near future it will probably become the best game engine, or at least one of the best; just like that studio has adopted it and plans making AAA games using it and probably more will with time.

If you wish to talk more or consider to join us, drop by in our IRC channel and poke me if I’m around or email me. We have a few ‘wannabe’ game programmers around who are learning their way with blender, but no one actually proficient with it atm unfortunately, so we really need help to overcome this and get things going faster.

Scince you appear to have the ambition to finish the game, are you going to put it on the internet? or is it going to be a CD that you have to buy? And another thing - are you going to make actual blender models of the drawings you posted a little while back?

It will be free for download, sources will be made public in a few months for Dark Shift, maybe even AB as we’re getting into programming and animation atm and we’ll have some prototypes going on soon. We’ll also be selling dvd’s of the games at some point, we’re guessing some people would like to support us financially or like to own physical packages, we’ll also have posters, miniatures and other articles in our e-shop.

We have plenty more artwork in our galleries and more/better to come on a regular basis. The samples posted over here have been modeled, except the Siren. You can see some wip renders of them in our galleries if you wish. I only put a few samples over here just to attract some attention. I have quite a few online threads about FM and won’t put all the content in them because it’s time consuming and redundant, who wants to see more can access our website/gallery at any time and keep up with the updates.

free to download? well, dont program any hacking devices in the game :smiley: so yeah, thanks for the info!