Freid's 2D pics (Latest : the Volcanix !)


January 2012
Da Volcanix

and their audience :slight_smile: !

November 2011
My shop : !

September 2011

A MazeCity

A vector city

29 march 2010

ArtRage / MangaStudio

25 december 09 :

(black ink on paper / MangaStudio Ex)

24 december 09 :
“Village boat”

(black ink on paper / MangaStudio Ex)

23 december 09 :
“Illustration friday : undone”

(black ink on paper )

4 december 09 :
“Illustration friday : entangled”

(black ink on paper / MangaStudio Ex)

30 november 09 :
“Factory boat”

(black ink on paper / MangaStudio Ex)

28 november 09 :
“Illustration Friday : Music”

(black ink on paper / MangaStudio Ex)

18 november 09 :
“Crazy Lab”

(MangaStudio Ex)

17 november 09 :
“Unbalanced” for illustration Friday

(MangaStudio Ex)

6 november 09 :
A poster for some friends :

(MangaStudio Ex)

6 august 09 :
“Modify” :

(MangaStudio Ex)

29 july 09 :
“Kitchen of love” :

(MangaStudio Ex)

and also :
“Empty cat”

(MangaStudio Ex)

17 july 09 :
“Hollow head” :

(MangaStudio Ex)

17 july 09 :
“Chez graphinc” :

(MangaStudio Ex)

15 july 09 :
Gros Titi & Petit-Minet :

(inkscape & mostly Artrage)

14 july 09 :
Grace and lightness :

(inkscape & Artrage)

13 july 09 :
A tree house :

(inkscape & Artrage)

2 july :
A weird and happy bee :

(inkscape & Artrage)

30 june 09 :
Another one :

First pic with inkscape :

A mean rabbit :

… A sad Rabbit :

And a wacky house :

Hope you’ll like it !

Hey nice! I could never work that program out. Any tutorials you used to get started, or did you just do what I do and press buttons till something works and someone tells you there’s a faster way?

Hey thanks. I did both, watched a few tutorials & inkscape previews pages ( and tried by myself. Its pretty cool when you get some habits.

Btw this is a very rich website about inkscape videotutorials :

That is wonderful work. I love Inkscape and use it for many things, but nothing that beautiful.

Another one, a sad rabbit :

Very nice :yes: and I love the art in your website too.

May I ask how did you draw the outline in the rabbit? It’s Inkscape too, right?

Thank you.

@Sirgazil : outlines it a sketch on paper vectorized and colored in inkscape

mmm! I see, Thanks!

I never liked vector drawing, but whenever they were drawn by someone else it really stuns me. This is not an exception.

Would you mind recording yourself? I want to see your workflow, if you don’t mind.

hmm your style doesnt agre with me
i like dark art
XD dont mind me im just a depressing old fool

I’ve also got inscape, you make your art look so wonderful, but I am not an artist yet. One day I hope to have works as wonderful as your to display!

Very nicely done!

I especially like the spooky house/castle thing…
The choice if font for sig and year jar a bit with the picture though though!

I just don’t have the patience for Inkscape for illustration!

Very nice work! That castle is top notch, wish I had your grasp of inkscape.


I’ve just added another pic : “Almost 10 past 10”. Inkscape + a bit of artrage

where is it?

edit: nvm, I just found it on your site :smiley:

“almost 10 past 10” is definitely your strongest yet!

the palette is excellent and it just feels so “together” all the elements are strong, but overall balanced!.. I liked your other pieces, but you couldn’t say that about them…

great personality, style and finish!

Keep it coming!

Thank you Michael :slight_smile:

I’ve just added a weird bee :slight_smile:

Another one : a tree house.

I like the tree house. the window stylisation isn’t quite as successful in this context but still a lovely work! maybe it’s because you didn’t do your “trademark” and give it a wonderfully “wacky” frame!

The punk in the tutu is seriously disturbing!
cool, but lacking the charm of the bee or environment based pieces…