Fremen (Final version in Finished Projects)

Here is my entery candidate.

Another update. Now the upperbody is ready. I’ll just whip out a background and I am set.

Comments are welcome.

He looks like the dude from Rammstein

Looking good. His head seems a bit small though.

what’s the greeen thing sticking out of his neck?

yeah he has a bit of a rammstein resemblance… kinda…

Modoron: Yep…, I need to make his shoulder less wide. At the moment his upper body looks like steroid commercial. :stuck_out_tongue:

Enos Shenk: Do you mean the singer of that cheerfull quartet? dunno. Wasn’t intentional.

You mean the mask? It’s the still suit mask, which gathers the moisture from his breathing, so the precious liquid of the life would not go to waste.

Cool, I Love the corners of the eyes, cool hair too, I’d narrow the bridge of the nose abit though.

wuts up with those square mantits?

luckybreak: When I placed that reddish spike hair on him, Sting was first actor from Dune that came also in my mind… But he’s not Sting. This bloke can’t sing. :stuck_out_tongue:

skeltor: square titties. Well, I have an asnwer:

lousy modeller answer: Well,yes, as you all know, stillsuits gather water from the body of person, who wears it. Square tittie are water pouches. :smiley:

Arrogant answer: Who are you to question my square titties? :<

silly answer: Well, I am blind and thus I make all my models via advises my parrokee gives to me. It’s one darn perverted bird.

take you pick.

I like it. Good hair. The stillsuit is a bit too much the color of ‘little green army men’, so you might dirty it down so it looks more used. I like the character design. Is it any particular character?

It seems like half of the site has gone on a Dune kick. Perhaps there should be a section where you all can collaborate on a project.

Personally I’d like to see somebody build a really cool detailed Spacing Guild navigator ship or a Giedi Prime landscape.