Fremen vs Sandworm

A low-poly stylized tribute to Dune series, from Frank Herbert. Only using cell shading as textures.

Blend file:

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Cool IP.

Not to get technical, but Sandworms have a mouth/face that closes in three segments.


The body segments are also much less segment-y like yours. There is also a double mouth interior. With much smaller teeth.

I think you could rework this…I know you prefaced with ‘stylized’…but I’d love to see what you come up with.

I’m one of the few who like the Lynch original, and I’m extremely excited to see what Villeneuve does with the new one. He’s definitely one of the best working directors today.

Not sure the design from Lynch’s movie is the definitive look of a sandworm though. Did Herbert ever describe them in all that detail other than they have a segmented body and a mouth full of teeth (doubling up as a certain kind of … tool)?

Fingers crossed that at least we get a different thopter design in the new film! :smiley:

I mean…

That’s definitely a possibility…but, do you think a client would see it that way? Is that really how the feedback I gave should be handled? Not that a ‘client’ has anything to do with this…my meaning is, it was constructive criticism, from a fan of the book and film. I’m pretty sure the book describes them the way the book cover in 1984 speculated. Just sayin. Honestly please know that I’m not being a jerk here. It’s just, the argument that his worm isn’t like any of the works in fan art…is fine. That’s an angle for sure. But is it really what he’s going for? To be different? I wonder if it’s choice? If it’s a skill thing? Not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill here…just find that argumentative angle fascinating. I mean his Fremen is identical to art I’ve seen from the mythos.

Hey, I could be totally wrong. I dig it regardless.

And here is one of the ‘earliest’ illustrations of a Sandworm dating back to 1965:


Hey, first of all, thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it.

As for the worm anatomy, I don’t recall exactly it’s description from the books, I just went for something I always pictured when I read the books, a ‘crushing machine’ made out of thousands of teeth smelling cinnamon :smile: Obviously I dind’t go for realism with it, but a version with the triangular mouth would be really cool as well.

Anyway, thanks for your time replying me :slight_smile: