French Blender USER!!!!

(Ecks) #1

Salut a tout les francais,Quebecois et tous ceux qui parle francais!
Nous avons maintenant un usergroups a nous!!! Si vous voulez vous inscrire cliquez sur Usergroups en haut de la page a droite. Ensuite choisissez French Blender User!!! Ensuite attendez que Theeth accepte votre enregistrement.

For the english people who want to know:

Hi all french,Quebecer and all the person who speak french! We now have a usergroups for us!!! If you want to register click on Usergroups at the top-right of the page. After choose French Blender User!!! After wait until Theeth accept your Registration.

J’espere que vous allez venir en grand nombre!!

(tordat) #2

Why did you do this ?

(Dittohead) #3

because he wanted to.

(CubeFan973) #4

You mean THEETH! Not TEETH! I know, quit being so picky, but that’s just what I do!

(theeth) #5

well, as far as I can see, he said Theeth the first time, since his post was never edited… :wink:


(tordat) #6

Well, that’s a reason.

(cree) #7

Maybe, it’s because some people are more comfortable speaking in French just like some people are more comfortable speaking Dutch, German, English, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Swahili…or maybe :o Martian :slight_smile: ? I don’t think they would mind if anyone else wants to start a language specific usergroup, if there are enough people interested in starting a users’ group. I think the French users group was opened because enough French speaking Blenderheads showed interest in starting a group. I sincerely doubt that it was meant to exclude anyone. I am speaking for myself, and I am sure that someone in charge (Mr. Theeth I believe) will verify, confirm, and concur.

(theeth) #8

That’s exactly what I said in the welcome post in the french forum. It’s written in french though, so some of you will have to take my word for it.


(Hos) #9

I can just see the headline in 6 months:




(bob_dog) #10

Amazing! I was thinking it, and you said it! What is next? A “distinct” version of Blender?

(kino) #11

i understand French, why cannot acces to the french forum?