French Chateau

Did this in the last couple of days and turned out harder the expected. Especially the nature, which I’m not fully happy with. But I close the project.

Share your opinion, comments are appreciated.


Love love love it. Really great. I think it would stand out even more if a lighter background were considered. Like a blue sky/clouds. Your shadows seems just a little dark for the overcast sky. Anyway, it looks fantastic to me. The only thing that kind of seems unnecessary is the ornamental kind of blocks that are on either side of the main entry. They just seems to stick out a little much maybe? Great stuff!

Thank you very much!

Yeah the picture got some issues I want to work on as soon as I get a faster machine to work with :smiley:
I will consider your suggestions

Ornamental blocks are just fine to me, they look real actually, as if it just rained. The most obvious thing to me is that the seam in your textures goes straight down the driveway. Also, if it just rained, I would have the roof take on the same specular as your driveway did. Trees look great, how did you make them? I need to render some evergreens soon but I have no idea how.

ya, the texture is to small, so you spot the seams… get to work on that. I think next week I give it another try.

Beautiful. The bottom half and the area around the entrances are particularly nice.

I feel like the top of the house, and the chimney on the left need a little noise and more detail but over all very nice.

I’m actually just starting a front view of a large house similar to this. It’s a pain the * are those IES lights out front?

thank you photox!

The lights are actually really basic. just a point light inside the weak modeled latern (strenght 20 or more). the latern-glass got a roughness of .3, so some light gets stuck in it. the rest is cheated with a fog glow and glare node in the compositor. (I gave the laterns a object index to seperate it)

I tried IES lights, but didn’t work for me here.

Very impressive. Nice and clean look … love it!

thank you googolplexian :slight_smile:

Very nice modern castle. The garage is a bit disturbing I would not have put it in the front face of the castle. Even if it is brand new, some variations or some dirt in the stone texture would be welcome. Good work anyway.

Can I get a close up of the railings?? how did you make them? they’re so detailed :open_mouth:

thank you both!
@roubal the garage actually lacks any material (my bad). But I try to update the post next week, working on the flaws of the image.

@justinodunn The round forms are made with bezier curves with a given thickness of 1.5, then transformed to mesh, scaled y-axis to 0 and added a solidifier modifier. rest is done manually und pretty basic. (It would had to be done better for a close up shot)

Ah I see now thanks, turns out less complicated than I thought haha! very good details! Keep it up!

So, finally updated the scene. There is still room for improvement, but I rather work on new projects :smiley:

here a version with more light. tell me which is better:

Stunning the room above the garage and its like and some furniture are what make this whole piece believable.

For my own, I prefer the dark one (more contrast and more ambiance). Great work.

Great job on this project, I think I like the darker version as well.

Did you give any thought to adding some larger trees in the back /sides of the estate? In some ways I think it would help further integrate it into the environment.

But I really like all of the details you have added.

Looks great. If it’s going to be overcast,I think the darker version is better. Great job.