French Garden


A 100% 3D scene with Blender and Cycles based on a photo of a French garden.

I used the Gardener addon to make the bushes very easily :

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Hi Bproduction,

Unsure if others are wondering but can you explain the difference between Gardener and Vegetation addons? Seems there’s a lot of overlap but just not sure.


thank you for your question.

Vegetation is for trees (we have a few shrubs and 2 hedges,) but it is mainly a tool for trees. it’s an asset library

Gardener is a hedge and bush creation tool

what you must remember :

Vegetation = Tree

Gardener = Bush and hedges

the 2 tools are complementary :wink:

Added commercial tag.

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I saw that Gardener and Grassblade are compatible with the addon Scatter5 and come with .scatpack files.
Is this true for Vegetation as well, or are there any plans to introduce .scatpack files for Vegetation?

for Vegetation addon this is not yet the case, but we are thinking about it. maybe soon :slight_smile: