French Guy - WIP

I am pretty new to blender so I only do box modeling but this is my best face I have made so far:

There are plenty of head, human, and general modeling tutorials out there. Why don’t you watch some of those and come back.

I’m not gonna give my honest opinion… I’ll just agree with Clavin12 and say you need to check out a few tutorials…

Everybody has to start somewhere. Definitely go google/youtube some videos on tutorials in blender. Keep grinding! blender is fun!

There is defiantly lots of room for improvement, with that being said though. Character modeling is probably one of the hardest things to do in 3D, and it takes lots of practice to get good at it.

I would agree with the previous comments that there are lots of good tutorials out there (there are several good ones here). In addition I would suggest that you just spend a lot of time looking at pictures of people and different faces to see how they are laid out and what the proportions are, use lots of reference when you are modeling, and even look at character models that others have done to see how they did it.

I would also suggest that you spend some time practicing drawing faces as it helps you get a feel for how they come together.

Just don’t forget to practice practice practice!, this is a good reference for your modeling xD