French speakers, I need your help

One of my favorite Emmylou Harris songs is J’ai Fait Tout. It’s a good song, but part of the chorus is sung in French.

I checked an online French dictionary, but the closest they had to J’ai was jais, which is jet black. It said fait-tout meant stewpot.

Is this accurate? It makes no sense to the song if it is.

J’ai fait tout means ‘I’ve done everything’.

Hi, the total sentence in the last chorus is:

“J’ai fait tout ce que j’ai pu”

which means: “I did everything i could.”

however, during the others, she only says “j’ai fait tout”
which means “I did it all”…



Thank you! I’ve actually lost sleep during my Emmylou phases (which occur every Spring and late Summer) trying to figure it out.