French/swedish counrtystile interior

Hey all on Blenderartist
My latest project created to the competition on Blenderguru. Only the first image are in the competition.
Rendered in Cycles 2000 samples.

2 more shoots

Do someone know why is the display quality of photos here so bad?. Only when you click on them they will be displayed properly

Very good work.

Hey, good work.
I like the floor a lot ! (especialy The chair scape marks)
excelent work I hope you win :yes:

Beautiful :slight_smile:

The detail in the wear-and-tear is fantastic! The lighting is nice and the textures are great. Care to share your technique on the scratched paint?

Very nice.

Where did you get the nice woman in the background ? Is it 3D ?

Kind regards

Thanks for your comments.
Alain the nice women in the mirror is a photo i took of my girlfriend :slight_smile: It is the only thing there is 2d in the scene.
Here is the floormaterial-setup. I used this and mapped all floorboard different. And then i painted the schrated mask texture in Gimp. I mixed that whit a dark floor material.

And here is the Painting/sign material. I mad the sign in Gimp.

The aging you have done is outstanding, I really like the whole vibe and the color tones of this project. I guess if there was one thing to critique, I think I may found a less modern table lamp to use.

But fantastic job on this.

Great work! Congrats! Well I think the concept and environment is really romantic, and in good mood!
I have one suggestion, If you could try include more space - as composition space in the render. Sometimes emptiness is corresponding with unsuspected objects :))

5 stars from me!

everything old and used, giving a special atmosphere to the picture. the composition is perfect as our eyes are drawn immediately to the mirror. great work.

Very nice.

Very real.

Good job!

Thanks Alain for the link, i did"t now that.
Thanks for you positive words and stars. I`m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

C’mon, it’s not because it is old that is must be French! :smiley:
Nah, really this is good work. It transcribes well the feel of those old “traditional” houses that I went to when I was little in Lyon :slight_smile:

Thanks that is a great compliment SolarLiner. :slight_smile:

Here is the rendersettings and the lightingsetup. As you can se i used 2 arealigts an a sunlamp with ligthsize for soft shadows that it surpose to be an overcast day.

Hi i think the idea is very nice but if i should criticize this ( and this is really just a personal taste ), then it would be the feel of the lighting. Not sure what lighting setup you have for that lamp but you should try the Anistropic one escpecially for that lamp on the table. I tend to get good results with it as i was texturing a stainless steel plate in my last try. Also the scene feels very cold . Other than that you did a very great job on the modeling part and with the picture ofcourse. Thumbs up for that :wink:

thanks for uploading this btw.

best regards