French translation (no longer) needed (thanks!)


I am currently preparing to submit a live action/stop motion animated short comedy film I co-produced to the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival and I really would like to put French subs on it. I don’t seem to know many French speakers, so I thought I’d ask here.

The thread with the trailer link and whatnot is here:

The amount of translation is minimal. A couple hundred words, way less than a full page. I don’t think it would be an hour’s worth of work, although some of the terms might require some thinking, since they aren’t real terms. I can’t pay, but your name will obviously go on the credits.

Anyway, if anybody can help me out on this let me know.



I know some acceptable French, mainly thanks to half of my family being French speaking.
Please send me the text you want translated and I’ll take a look at it.
Can’t promise anything, though, but I’ll do my best.

I’m fluent in English and french ever since I was 3 years old so nuances and such won’t be a problem. Send me a PM with the text and I’ll translate it for you.

Like Charles above, I’m from Belgium, but I’m a walloon, so French is my first language (and not dutch which I’m a learning ever since I came back from the States)

Looks like you found your perfect candidate, bugman. :wink:

@ Edeehem: show 'em what we Belgians’ve got :smiley:

Hi guys,

Thanks very much for your responses! I got a few by PM also, and I have just gone with the first person who responded, who seems like he’ll do a good job. If for any reason it doesn’t work out or something, I hope it’s no problem if I PM one of you next… But this person seems promising.

I do really appreciate you guys’ interest and willingness to help. Thanks again.


If you need somebody to proofread (probably not) I could help being bilingual French-Dutch or Dutch-French dunno (like everybody should be in Belgium).

But as you sed you found your men allready.


lol… a surprising amount of belgian people responded to bugman’s call for aid here :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought it was the Dutch being everywhere? :wink: