Hey all, I’ve been working on this fine fellow for about a week now in the time I can spare. Most of my time at this point has been spent on the hair, I had some fun experimenting with different styles as well as all the variables in the particle system :slight_smile: I’m going to put him in a full scene and while he may look nice now, he’s not going to be very happy in the final, rather angered actually. In order to achieve my final vision I will most likely have to change some topology around because right now he comes off very perky. That’s not what i want. So comments and critiques would be wonderful, tell me what you like, what you don’t like and what I should try differently, thank you very much :slight_smile:

P.S. i have done no texturing on the hat yet and right now have very basic lighting and a basic world, thanks :slight_smile:

this model is off to a nice start. The texturing is what sets it off. The underlying shape however could use some work. On the side image he is shaped rather birdlike so I’d try adjusting for a more human like silhouette. Imaging if it was only black and you had to guess. The lower jaw could also come out some. Unless the whole cartoony look is what youre aiming for. The upper eye also could use a little moving on what I would assume is the negative y axis. That would add some depth to the sockets as well. The texturing is great but with some adjustments to the topology you could reduce that bony look in the cheeks.

Ohh yes i see what you mean haha I havn’t worried to much about the his side profile but i see what you’re getting at. And yes I’m trying to make this sort of cartoony in a Pixar way but not like an exact copy because what fun is that?? And thank you for the comment on the skin, I was worried it wasn’t detailed enough, thanks :slight_smile:

Alrighty i sunk his eyes back a bit and it does look much better now, thanks!

Little update, worked on clothes and textures the hat. The sweater texture is pretty much a place holder i just wanted it to look somewhat presentable, i plan on adding a red or blue scarf so there’s actually color in this character :slight_smile: I also work a bit on the skin texture, added more purple to his eyelids and darkened his lips. Comments and critiques always welcome!

This is looking great! I really like the hair! My critiques are that his lips seem rather thin, and that his ears look like they aren’t angled out enough.

Thank you! I worked for awhile on the hair. And I’ll get to work on both of those, i wanted the lips to be thin and more defined i guess but they could use a little more depth

Got some more work done! :slight_smile:

weird lighting artifact in the background, I tried to find the problem but whatevs, Got his sweater, jeans, hands, and shoes mostly done. The shoes are not planned to be involved in the final anyways so not a big deal.

I’ve been noticing issues with my UV textures. I’ve been using texture paint and when I render you can sometimes see where the seams of the model are and it’s bothering me, does anybody know a fix for this??

Got his scarf done, it’s harder than one might think. So what do you think keep it red or go blue??

Def keep it red, maybe a tad darker in tone but redish none the less. I like this character. Great job. I will stay tuned on this. Might we get to an animation perhaps in the future?

It’s very possible that I might animate this, right now I’m just gonna stick with stills until i get better at animating and thank you! I think my next goal is either an environment or a girl character for him :slight_smile: I was thinking a gondola scene but I feel like that is more Italian than French, I’ll have to do some more research

Edit: just checked, definitely Italian :slight_smile: coffee shop scene??

His head seems a bit big, also, I think the thing with his chin and mouth being set extra low is too extreme. A good start though.

Hi there GJAnders. First of all, let me say "Nice work :slight_smile: " I like this. Although I am a Frenchie, I do not look like that, nor wear berets nor scarfs, so perhaps give him an actual name instead of Frenchmen, sort of offensively generalizing that all french looks like that :stuck_out_tongue:
The eyes lack a bit of personality in my opinion. But the overall has character, so perhaps improving those eyes would make it look a lot better. I do really like the hair :slight_smile: Good job!

Keep up the good work :wink:
Happy Blending :slight_smile:

@owldude; I’ve been really bothered by the head size lately too, it’s very disproportional even for a stylized character, thanks!

@JeannotLandry; haha yes I’ve realized I’ve been pretty stereotypical and I’m not happy about that but I just wanted to create something recognizable to most people, I’m not suggesting that everyone looks like that in France or French Canada but it’s just a personal style, the girl I make will be much more… normal I guess than my character here. And I think I name would help too :slight_smile: And how could I improve on the eyes? more depth, better texture?? And thank you on the hair, it actually got really messed up because I joined the teeth with the head mesh so I had to restyle all of it

GJAnders: Perhaps adding eyelashes would definitly help, since guys also have lashes :stuck_out_tongue: Also, use an environment image, where you increase the brightness a lot, and add is as a texture to your eyes, but map it into reflection with a color or .05 and a mirror of 2 or so (If you are using BI renderer and not Cycle). It should give you the effect that there is water on the surface of the eyes and adding better reflection. Also, changing your specular to a waldaso spec would give a much more cartoony reflection, therefore matching the style you have better.

Perhaps, name him Jean-Pierre, he looks like a Jean-Pierre to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Blending :wink:

Haha Jean-Pierre could work and thank you I’ll try all those!