Fresh baked

hey guys! this has just got out of the oven :v and I call it done used blender cycles and photoshop along substance painter D: feel free to grab a bite


Excellent! Yum, looks tasty!

MMMMM, so tasty!!!

My diet is broken…

Nice render, the only thing that i dont like is the mask on the flour. U can see a logo on the right
and the left side seems 100% straight.

Thanks guys for your kind words and the process of making this image wasn’t easy at all i gained about 2 kilos because the many bread i ate while making it :V
@ArcHWiZ the mask is a careless mistake I made i while post processing it so thanks mate for pointing it out and for the bag I think because that part is folded so most of time its strait light unless u wrinkle it

I meant the flour mask on the left not the bag. :slight_smile:

Just a design/layout suggestion to an otherwise fine illustration. I find it distracting to have the 'tagline" IT obscured by the bread. The two(2) big loaves on the right are good examples of dynamic asymmetry, which would easily support having the words adjusted to left in the implied ‘open space.’ This would emphasize the ‘tagline’ rather than having it ‘buried.’ It appears that you decided that there is a center line which must be honored for the words, while the loaves are given a much more dynamic look being off center. Move the text to counter balance it and see if you don’t like the change.

@paulhart2 I must say that these points are really really good and I like how you think in detailed as i always go for the last smallest detail and i thought in these two points for the first one I know you that most of people would agree with you about that “IT” thing but i find it really interesting that you hide a part of thing or a word and the viewer would be able to figure it out i don’t know why but i thing it’s really interesting thing
the second occurs to me but for a fraction of second i didn’t give it much of though so i will try it out and show you the result but still you have a great way of minding the details that’s really awesome :smiley: