Fresh fruit

First test with PBR shaders from BlenderGuru
Fruit, Onions and bread with modified PBR Dielectric shader, sink with PBR Metalic shader.
Lights with PRO-Ligthning Studio and PRO-Ligthning Skies.
Raw render with minimum of post (minimal desaturation of colors), original render 1920x1080; 2500 samples

High poly models (fruit, onions and bread), scaned with Agisoft Photoscan, were used as decoration in archviz

I like the Composition the reflections on the sink looks gr8 aswell but you could enhance the shaders of the fruit maybe add some bump and roughness varity and maybe even SSS.

Yes, some Bump would be fine. SSS is included in all shaders.

very nice rendering! Bump and roughness variation has been mentioned